Saffron Thai restaurant – San Diego airport

Located prominently inside a food court in a terminal inside San Diego airport, Saffron is a Thai restaurant. Very well presented and the menu is standard thai with a seeming array of healthy options.

The menu is actually very confusing. For example they prepare curries for around $13 but these do not come with rice or noodles. Even if they do it is not stated on the menu. This is difficult to handle for a person eating all by themselves.

So I went with the Chicken Pad Thai because it is easy to eat without accompanying rice or curry etc. The food arrive in around 7-10 minutes. What turned me off immediately was that there was an omelette spread out on top. The pad thai was tasty especially after I added the Sriracha sauce. But not really what one would expect. Kind of mushy and overcooked. Also contrary to the advertising, the pad thai was oily and not all that healthy.

I’d give this restaurant 3 out of 5 stars.

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